Born in Antibes (French Riviera) Mediterranean family roots (Italian origins from both sides).
Raised and grown up in Seine-et-Marne (Eastern Paris)
Singer, piano and keyboard player, songwriter, composer , arranger (SACEM)
Some guitar and a few bass guitar, too . Piano-jazz teacher.
ComputerAssistedMusic (Cubase, Sibelius softwares) , Home studio productions.

Almost self-taught especially regarding the singing, and for piano practising, too, except for the seven first years of classical piano lessons. Later on, F. Grosborne taught me the basis of jazz piano during 2 years .
 Being born among a family who always loved singing and music, due to our mediterranean bounds, way of life and customs, I 've early discovered what music would mean to me.
I 've early felt like I'd like to sing. Or to be a singer.

Soldano Publishing signed a deal with me in 2008 for original piano pieces  destined to piano students.

Music style : Intimist pop songs, with jazz/blues lines, Chanson française, jazz.
Im my own songs : french and english singing ; some italian or spanish too.

Main influences : English pop music of the 60-70s, mainly : The Beatles, (and John and Paul , solo post-Beatles )
vocal bands : Queen, Eagles, Wings, The Police, Supertramp, genesis, CSNY, Simon & Garfunkel...
Sting, Elton John, Ray Charles, all blues stuff, Paolo Conte, Cohen, Sheller, M. Berger, Gainsbourg, Brassens, Brel..
jazz , jazz singers & crooners (Nat King Cole, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald..)
Piano jazz masters (Ellignton, Bill Evans, Brubeck, Hancock, Corea, Monk,Petrucciani..)
Classical piano influences : Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Prokofiev, Schubert…

Main groups or bands :
Before :
Impact: ( pop rock group) with : Philippe Hervouët, Ph. Trapied, JJ Ritzenthaler, Th. Mottier, M. Germain / M. Casabianca)
Jazmosphère trio (chansons swing)-Coulommiers jazz Big Band-Jam Tribut.

Now :
Jam Square : (jazz quartet, pop-jazz standards & compositions, avec Fabrice Sansonetti, Xavier Mathiaud, Léo Blumenfeld)
Jeff Bernicchia (compos)  -changing band-: with Serge Garnier, Léo Blumenfeld, François Rolland,R. Lemaître, Julien Hadey, X.Mathiaud… might be extended with strings.
Smooth Jazz, duo or trio with Serge Garnier, Léo Blumenfeld / Julien Hadey.
Jazz trio (casual) with Julien Hadey, N. Robert .
Also in solo.

Main shows : Printemps de Bourges, Peace Conference event (Brussels) (Impact group), Le Petit Journal Montparnasse (Jazmosphère, Jam Tribut), la Bellevilloise, Ferté-Jazz festival, Jazz aux Capucins, Jazz à Corbeil, DOGMA prod events, summer Corsican tours.. many yearly gigs in Seine-et-Marne, Paris etc..

My music mates, on my album, recordings or else : Philippe Hervouët, Fabrice Sansonetti, Serge Garnier, Xavier Mathiaud, Renaud Lemaître, Julien Hadey, Léo Blumenfeld, Nicolas Robert, Inès Mathlouthi, Léa Bertogliati, Solène Dumontier, Cindy sene Tillier, Alain Guillard, Nicolas Vrancken, Jean Bernicchia my dad, Ian Smith, Alain Poirier, Pascal Houée..
Trish Hayward De Gelis, Joanne Rivers ( lyrics)

Christian Lolierou : photos, video-clips, and live, technical advice.
Patrick Boisdron : web site conception & management.
Sandra Haro – Events Prod : events manager.